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Mobile Workstation

AR Desktop Experience

Simultaneously display a variety of apps and media types on smart glass and wearable devices. With Mobile Workstation, the all-in-one app replaces timely user interactions by integrating all documents and enterprise solutions into a handsfree, voice commanded environment. Safer, Smarter, and Secure.

 Mobile Workstation

Integrated Modules

Mobile Workstation is designed to bring multiple applications together to provide desktop productivity to smart glass and wearable devices. Workstation eliminates the need for multiple apps and licenses so that users can efficiently complete their tasks while saving money. Mobile Workstation’s patented handsfree AR environment is driven by the powerful AppView, VoiceView, and CursorView integrated modules.

Augmentalis is THE ALL-IN-ONE Solution for Smart Glasses and Mobile Devices


About Mobile Workstation

The Building Block To Productivity

Mobile Workstation is a single application that integrates all of your best in class enterprise solutions, native Android and web apps, document files, video collaboration programs, as well as your existing MRP/ERP accounting systems using its patented voice and head motion controlled multi-window environment. Workstation brings a complete AR desktop experience to your smart glasses, wearables, and mobile devices.

Take advantage of Augmentalis’ ability to implement native Android and complex web apps on your smart glasses. Applications like MS Teams, Word, Excel, SAP, Zoho, PI Vision/OSIsoft, Movilizer, and Maximo or your existing ERP/MRP systems can be made to work with no loss to their functionality; fully voiced and gesture enabled.

Workstation’s UI creates a cohesive UX across the board, eliminating time and money spent retraining users on smart glasses or new applications.

Workstation’s unified modular design eliminates the need for additional licenses. Integrate proprietary enterprise solutions with no modifications to server code, saving time and money spent on IT resources. In less than 5 minutes, a novice can easily deploy Mobile Workstation and start your augmented reality-enhanced Mobile Workstation.

Handsfree Content Delivery

All your apps and documents, intuitively commanded by voice and gesture controls. No server recoding or user retraining required.

Multi Window Framework

Use MS Office Apps, Documents, Video Collaboration, Camera, and Workflow/Inspection Lists simultaneously with MultiView.

Single UI/UX

Simple and interface eliminates retraining of applications.


Instant Deployment

Deploy instantly without the need for an IT department to configure.

Mobile WorkStation New

Single Integrated App

Microsoft Office, Documents, Video Collaboration, Workflow/Inspection Lists, and all your enterprise solutions. Increase productivity with Mobile Workstation.

WebApp Access

No retraining, no coding! Voice command complex web apps such as MS Office 365, SAP, Zoho, Movillizer, PI Vision/OSIsoft and Maximo with AppView. 

Mobile WorkStation New

Inspection Lists/WorkFlow

Create inspection lists and workflows in the office or in-situ. Save instructions that include all the required assets for the next member of the team.

Mobile WorkStation New

5 Minute Deployment

Deploy a full AR desktop productivity solution in under 5 minutes. No IT or AR specialists needed. 

Mobile WorkStation New


Your data, your server, your security. No external servers for IT to test, or break. Connected or disconnected, your data is safe.

Mobile WorkStation New

Video Collaboration Suites

Use free collaboration tools like Zoom®, WebEx®, Teams®, or integrate a proprietary remote video collaboration solution.

No External Server

No 3rd party server required to pass-through information


Access the information available through the network connection



Store and access files on the device for a disconnected work environment

Secure Data

For a Connected or Disconnected Worker

Mobile Workstation only displays the data and assets allowed by the secure network or stored on the device. Workstation does not require any external servers to pass-through information. Mobile Workstation connects to information by accessing a URL, URI, or File Path on the device.


Desktop Web Browser Functionality

The Mobile Workstation web browser offers voice navigation of web pages such as Google®, YouTube®, and more. WebView allows users to access the net through a URL, URI, or IP Address.


Web Searches

Desktop View Functionality

Web Pages

Input data and download files

Desktop UI/UX

Native Desktop layout & features


Run Complex Web Applications

AppView, an extension of WebView, enables access and control of complex web applications without any change to the code or development to integrate into Mobile Workstation’s voice controlled environment. AppView is an engine for specific web apps that do not normally run of web engines, such as mobile Chrome, without needing to use special mobile versions of the webapp.

Ex: SAP® Wonderware®, PI Vision®, Siemens XHQ®, Maximo®

Live IOT Data

Access real-time IOT data

Desktop View

Native UI/UX. No need to relearn

No Coding

No server code development


Inspection Lists and WorkFlows

Create and run simple step-by-step WorkFlows for inspections, procedures, and more with minimal user interaction. Group views with smart tags to see only the pertinent information needed for each given step.

Inspection Lists

Include assets for each step


View live IOT data, documents, access camera

Smart Tags

Access views & documents with voice command 


Smart Tags and Document Bookmarks

Create Smart Tags to incorporate views together into a WorkFlow (FlowView) or to create quick access to document bookmarks. Tags can be called up by voice to display the specific views/applications linked to that Tag. 

Workflow Incorporation

Link Tagged assets within a WorkFlow

Bookmark Views & Apps

Documents, videos, apps, and more

Smart Tags

Quick voice access to views and assets


Video Collaboration Solutions

Mobile Workstation integrates multiple video collaboration softwares, allowing teams to stay connected with no limitations. Utilize existing licenses or free accounts with full native functionality.

Use Zoom®, WebEx®, Skype for Business®, Cisco XOD®, and More!

Multiple Integrations

A solution for every team’s needs

Your Solutions & Free Use

Save money and use your existing enterprise solutions


Two-Way Audio & Video

Communicate freely and share device’s viewport with others


Full Featured Document Viewer

Seamlessly navigate multiple documents and pages at the same time. Eliminate time wasted searching for information between different documents.


Multiple Pages

View pages of multiple different documents at the same time


MS Office 365

Documents, spreadsheets, powerpoints, notes, etc.

Voice Bookmarks

Create and access bookmarks using voice command

Voice Search

Parse documents to find what you need quickly and simply


Click and navigate hyperlinks like on a normal desktop

Coming Soon:

Form filling and text annotation

Mobile WorkStation New
Mobile WorkStation New


Photo and Video System

Full featured photo and video system that is device independent. Document work by using simple voice commands to capture and view images and videos without leaving the application. Document work being done and review videos for training and quality control.

Time and Location Stamp

Validate location and record start-stop times of tasks with geolocation


Automatic Organization

Stored in the media gallery and sorted by task under the “Photos” and “Movies” folders on device

Voice Controlled

Ajdust camera and video settings (exposure, zoom, flash) with simple voice controls. Control video playback with voice commands to pause, play, advance, and rewind media.

Mobile WorkStation New


Barcode Scanner

Directly scan the following codes:

QR, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, UPC/EAN Extension 2/5, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, Codabar, QR Code, Data Matric, Aztec, PDF 417, ITF, MaxiCode, RSS-14, RSS-Expanded (Databar) for use in ERP and other applications accessed through AppView.

Bar Codes

Scan barcodes to enter information into text fields, to add views, credentials, and more.


Intelligent Visual Bookmarks

Automatically create instant viewports and eliminate multiple user inputs with one voice command. Create complex viewports without designer software or modification of server side code. Save multiple pages of a document, create a larger viewport of a web app, and more directly on the device without requiring IT support.

No Coding

Integrated functionality within Mobile Workstation

Create Instantly on Device

In-app controls that make configuring viewports a quick and easy task

No Expert Required

You don’t need the IT department to get started. Work simpler.


Voice-Enabled Multi-Application Environment

VoiceView fully voice enables Mobile Workstation’s multi-window multitasking environment. Use simple voice commands on complex web apps without touching server side code.

Simple Voice Commands

Navigate and interact with complex web apps, documents, videos, and more

User Friendly

Intuitive voice commands make controlling your productivity solutions second nature

Don't Touch Your App Code

The patented voice injection environment allows most native Android and complex web app to be fully voice commanded without touching the app code with no loss to native features, including your own enterprise solutions


Headmotion Cursor

A unique cursor that allows cursor/touch commands to be input into any application. Coupled with simple voice commands, CursorView fully voice-enables any website or webapp for a handsfree user experience.

Use All Your Tablet Gestures Via Voice

Click, Double Click, Scroll, Zoom, Drag

Magnified Viewport for Small Text

Easily zoom in on views to take a deeper look


Pixel-Perfect Click Points

Accurate controls allow interactions with media as if using your mouse on your desktop workstation


Gesture and Swipe Controls

Navigate applications and viewports naturally with gesture and enhanced swipe controls

Rotate 3D Images

Manipulate complex media types the same way you would on your computer, handsfree


Custom Commands

Customize commands with synonyms

Voice Enable Web Apps

Seamless integration of voice commands into Web Apps and Web Pages. 

Video Collaboration Integrations

Integrate your existing video collaboration suites

API & SDK Integrations

Integrate applications within Mobile Workstation


Let Us Create Your Ideal All-in-One Application

The Mobile Workstation framework is built to integrate and leverage your existing applications, comply with your industry practices, and meet local requirements. Mobile Workstation has been designed to easily integrate applications and be customized to the best of your industry-specific requirements.